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September 2014
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Archive for September, 2014

Singapore to launch kilobar gold trading

GOLD trading looks set for a boost with the launch of a new product on the local bourse next month. Wholesalers will be able to buy bullion through a contract on 25kg of physical gold that will be traded on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) from Oct 13. Buyers will own 25 of the 1kg bars, also known as kilobars, which will be delivered to them by the sellers. The contract will be the first wholesale ki... more

Low-income get help to get online

FOR $6 a month, some low-income households will soon get a tablet computer as well as a high-speed broadband connection, under a move to help poor families go online. Thanks to a new aid scheme that channels telco fines to the poor, some 8,000 households will benefit from the programme, called Home Access. It draws on a new $10 million Digital Inclusion Fund made up of telco fines, first announced... more

Can’t beat market? Just stay faithful

Inflation is something of a silent assassin, eroding our savings in a big way if we just sit back and do nothing. The insidious way that steadily rising prices can eat into the lump sums we have squirrelled away in bank accounts can play havoc with anyone's retirement plans. The point was driven home forcefully by Mr Kevin Scully, owner of a boutique financial advisory firm, as he shared some home... more

Don’t wait till you lose your mind

Getting the LPA is key for breadwinners A high-profile tussle for control over a widow's $40 million assets has thrust the issue of having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) into the spotlight. The LPA is a legal instrument that allows you to appoint another person to act on your behalf if you lose your mental capacity. Earlier this month, it emerged that retired physiotherapist Madam Chung Khin ... more

Use your right to BTO flats well

A close friend, who is an expatriate, once joked with me that he wanted to marry a Singaporean because he would then have a chance to buy a Housing Board flat. "Where else in the world can you find an asset class that, for the past 20 years, has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of almost 10 per cent," he said cheekily. His remarks were made in jest but they still left an impressi... more

Thousands of CPF investors could gain from new rules

TENS of thousands of investors could benefit from new rules that have cut the cost of investing Central Provident Fund (CPF) money in approved funds. The CPF Board said yesterday that it will place a lower cap on the total expense ratio for unit trusts and investment-linked insurance products under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS). Reductions of between 0.2 and 0.3 percentage point will be impo... more
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