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August 2014
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Archive for August, 2014

Do you need an Integrated Shield Plan?

Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) are provided by private insurers. They comprise coverage of the basic MediShield tier plus enhanced coverage from the insurers so policyholders can be adequately covered for class B1, class A or private hospital stays. MediShield Life will replace the current MediShield portion in each IP. Here's a simple checklist to help you to decide whether you need an IP, and whi... more

Seven pillars of a good retirement savings system

There is a famous American South saying that goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". In the more enlightened North, branding gurus and academics would prescribe a rebranding exercise for ailing entities. Let me explain why the Central Provident Fund (CPF) system ain't ailing nor broke (no pun intended), and why we should actually be celebrating the fact that some folks from the pionee... more

So easy to spend, so hard to pay up

He is well-educated and only 29 years old, but Mr Tan has already racked up $85,000 in debt. Every month, $1,000 of his salary - which makes up about 40 per cent of his pay cheque - goes towards repaying the amount he owes to banks. The IT manager, who agreed to speak to The New Paper on Sunday (TNPS) only on condition of anonymity, has been making these monthly payments for the past two yea... more

Travellers must declare money exceeding $20,000 from September

Starting September 1, foreign visitors and Singapore residents will be required to make a declaration if the money they carry in or out of the country exceeds S$20,000. Click here to read article.

CPF and your retirement needs

What are the pros and cons of the changes to the CPF scheme - in particular, allowing retirees to withdraw a lump sum and the extension of the Lease Buyback Scheme? Dhirendra Shantilal Board Director & Head of Asia Pacific, Fircroft THE lump sum withdrawal and the Lease Buyback Scheme extension essentially put more cash into the hands of retirees. This is welcome as it gives them more contr... more

Investing is a bit of a gamble

My secondary school maths teacher played a game with us in class one afternoon that went by the rather appropriate name of Greed. The details are fuzzy after more than a decade and I have long since lost the worksheet, but the premise was quite straightforward. My teacher, Mrs Bala, would roll a die. If the number that came up was not a five, those in the game got to add the number to their theor... more
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