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June 2014
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Archive for June 6th, 2014

Most will be able to afford premiums without using cash

PREMIUMS for the new MediShield Life will need to be raised substantially to meet the increased claim payouts being proposed by a review committee. Still, most families can afford to pay the higher premiums with their annual Medisave contributions - without having to draw on their Medisave savings or cash. This is because they will receive various government subsidies, Medisave top-ups and an ext... more

CPF debate must reflect policy realities

IT'S not too difficult, looking at how the Central Provident Fund (CPF) system has evolved over the decades, to conclude that some of the central issues it faces today resulted from past policy-making. That may even be the correct conclusion, too. What is important, however, is to place those policies in context, and to see them for what they are - responses to the policy questions of their time. ... more

Hunt for higher CPF yields entails trade-offs, risks

[SINGAPORE] Raising the returns on the Central Provident Fund (CPF) may seem the most desirable and direct way to secure a decent retirement for the country's rapidly ageing population. But doing so is far from straightforward. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said last week that results of a review of the CPF system will be shared in August, during a parliamentary debate which saw at least eight... more
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