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June 2014
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Archive for June, 2014

1.6 million Singaporeans to get special top-ups, rebates: MOF

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Monday that 1.6 million Singaporeans will receive letters in the first week of July informing them of the various Budget 2014 benefits they are eligible for. These include: the 2014 GST Voucher (GSTV), the 2014 GSTV Special Payments, the 5-Year Medisave top-up, as well as the Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) rebates. MOF said about 1.3 million S... more

Finding new ways to curb insider trading

THE oft-heard complaints from investors that certain insiders get a heads-up about a big merger and acquisition (M&A) and try to cash in have become especially shrill in recent months. The grumbles come in the wake of buyouts launched by controlling shareholders who want to secure 100 per cent of their companies by buying out minority investors. Traders complain that there is often a hefty in... more

‘Don’t look to stocks to get rich’

Best-selling financial author Michael Lewis has a tip for investors: Don't be overconfident. In fact, the former banker-turned-journalist thinks that investors should not think of the stock market as a place to get rich. "Regard it as a place where you're trying not to lose money, so be conservative." Mr Lewis, who turns 54 this year, was speaking over the phone from the United S... more

Must I pay more if I have a pre-existing illness?

Q: Isn't the maximum per capita income level of $2,600 to qualify for permanent subsidies rather low if two out of three people are to get them? According to SingStats, 67 per cent of residents live in households with this or lower income level. A working couple with two kids and an elderly parent, earning a total of $12,000 a month, would qualify, as their per capita income is $2,400. Q: I am a p... more

Car, taxi and bus – how the costs stack up

"It's really hard to get a taxi," I complained to the cabby as I finally managed to hail one after 20 fruitless minutes. "Why don't you buy a car, then?" he retorted, probably not realising that he would be out of a job if all his customers took his advice. Still, the thought intrigued me. Conventional wisdom is that cars are much more expensive than taxis which are, in turn, ... more

Calls to be open about ‘hidden’ credit card fees

THE "hidden" fees that can be slapped on to a credit card trans- action have angered consumers and sparked calls for more transparency. Many of these fees are imposed when payments are routed through overseas processors, leaving the card holder with a higher bill than he bargained for. Oil analyst Tushar Tarun Bansal found such discrepancies in his credit card bills for a couple of tran... more
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