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May 2014
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Archive for May, 2014


Increases in the CPF Minimum Sum have been a source of concern for many. The CPF Board answers some frequently asked questions about the issue. Why does the minimum sum keep rising? Isn't that like shifting goalposts, making it harder for Singaporeans to meet the amount set? Singaporeans will need more money in their retirement because they are living longer, daily needs have increased and... more

CPF monies not used for Govt spending: Ministry

NO CENTRAL Provident Fund (CPF) monies go towards Government spending as this is prohibited by law, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said last night. In a response to queries by The Straits Times, it also reiterated that there is no link between CPF interest rates and GIC returns, even though the latter manages the Government's assets. MOF was clarifying what the Government does with the money that g... more

Ways to improve CPF

OVER mahjong or a casual chat, when Madam Susan Tan meets up with her fellow MacPherson seniors, one topic often crops up - their future. Specifically, how to afford it. At 65, Madam Tan still works to boost her Central Provident Fund (CPF) payouts. But the part-time bus attendant is happier spending time with her grandchildren. Admin clerk Celestine Chong, 53, has been working since she was 16 bu... more

Realistic ways to raise CPF returns

SINGAPORE is a fast-ageing nation due to declining fertility rates and the increasing life expectancy of its citizens. The impending ageing tsunami places a heavy burden on the Central Provident Fund (CPF) to be the primary vehicle to prepare citizens for retirement. But is the system working in the best possible manner? There have been gripes in social media recently about the inadequacy of CPF's... more

Irrational to expect both low risk and high returns

THE low interest paid on Central Provident Fund (CPF) balances when compared with the relatively high returns earned by government investment entities such as Temasek Holdings and GIC is a common gripe. CPF members currently have a choice of either investing the savings themselves or leaving them with the CPF Board. For the former, they can invest in a rich menu of instruments from the CPF Investm... more

CPF interest rates ‘better than market alternatives’

THE interest rates on Central Provident Fund savings are better than what similar financial pro- ducts in the market offer, said Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin yesterday. Still, the Government will look at how the returns can be improved, Mr Tan assured Parliament. He noted that Ordinary Account savings earn 2.5 per cent interest, while savings in the Special, Medisave and Retirement Accounts ear... more
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