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Archive for June, 2012

The Weekly Bottom Line

As we approach the first week of July, the major themes underpinning the global and domestic economy remain remarkably unchanged from last year. Europe continues to stumble from one crisis to the next, deleveraging is still holding back the pace of U.S. growth and the direction of future fiscal policy

European Union Summit: Positive Steps, But Not the End of the Crisis Yet

These announcements constitute a positive step forward towards crisis resolution in Europe. Breaking ground on a common banking supervisor project is perhaps the most significant step. However, we should keep our expectations well grounded, because these initiatives will not end the crisis. First, creating a single banking supervisor will prove

Euro deal leaves deep divisions, questions

A "breakthrough" agreement by European leaders desperate to show the world they haven’t run out of ideas to save the eurozone is short on details and does little more than buy time.

Stocks surge after agreement in eurozone

Stocks surged Friday as investors cheered an agreement by European leaders to stabilize the region's banks, a pact that helped remove some of the uncertainty lately plaguing markets.

Head of JPMorgan unit retires with $57.5 million

Ina Drew, the former chief investment officer at JPMorgan who oversaw the London office where the bank lost billions on a botched trade has walked away with about $57.5 million.

Stocks surge after eurozone agreement

Wall Street surged at Friday’s open after eurozone leaders agreed to allow rescue funds to be used to stabilize the region's banks.

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