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March 2012
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Archive for March, 2012

EUR/GBP – Outflow Of AUD, NZD Carry Trade Helping GBP?

Can the GBP benefit over the EUR based on unwinding of carry trade flows, and the advantage that the UK holds in terms of higher yields? The EUR/GBP moved strongly in favor of the GBP, despite the data from the UK being quite awful with weaker housing prices, a

Japan’s Retail Sales Rose More Than Economists Forecast In February, Amid The Fears Of An …

Japan's retail sales advanced beyond economists' expectations in February, which refers to the recent boost in reconstruction demand that helped in advancing the retail sales index in the world's third-biggest economy.

Forex Exchange Morning Report

Yesterday's Bernanke-inspired rally in equities fizzled out. US data for house prices and a regional manufacturing survey were slightly below expectations, but there were no major surprises, economic or otherwise, to galvanise markets. The S&P500 is up 0.1%, as is the CRB commodities index. Influential Fed dove Dudley said the

Bernanke Remains Dovish, USD Sold Heavily

U.S. Dollar Trading (USD) the market had been waiting for clarification from the FED in recent weeks since the rally in Bonds suggested there was a fresh debate on future US monetary policy. The FED Chairman squashed this debate overnight suggesting even more easing is possible to ensure that US

No Forgiveness For Spain

Last week, important fractures started to appear surrounding the global economy with a poor set of PMI releases. The focus this week is likely to be on familiar territory as the Euro-zone crisis is set to re-ignite with a vengeance and the Euro set to be damaged again by contagion

End-of-quarter splurge may lift stocks this week

Portfolio managers will be doing some last-minute shopping for winners from the big stock market rally as they take part next week in the quarter-end ritual of window dressing.

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