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January 2012
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Archive for January, 2012

Wage gains offer welcome relief to workers

Signs point to stocks finishing January strong

January has turned out strong for equities with just two trading days to go. If you're afraid to miss the ride, there's still time to jump in. You just might want to wear a neck brace.

Expert who foresaw ’08 crash warns of tough decade

The Japanese Consumer Prices Fell For The Third Month

The Japanese consumer prices index fell for the third consecutive month, where the nation's exports weakened as a result for the ongoing yen's appreciation that contributed in interrupting the nation's economic rebound from March's earthquake.

Asia Open: USD Slightly Bid On Light Volumes

Light volumes are likely to characterize the remainder of the Asia Session with China and Australia out on holiday and no top tier data scheduled for release. Earlier in NY, the greenback was slammed on the back of a dovish market interpretation from the FOMC’s statement, economic assessment, rate projections,

Forex Exchange Morning Report

Risk sentiment fell in London and rose in NY for a small net loss. The S&P500 has recovered from -0.9% to 0.3% currently. The main drag on sentiment was the rejection by Eurozone finance ministers of the off er by Greek bondholders to swap old debt for new with a
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