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August 2011
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Archive for August, 2011

Japanese Industrial Sector Rose 0.6% Less Than Expected During July

The Japanese economy is in hurdle phase during this period; because of there a lot of problems impede the economic recovery, where the industrial production cycle retreated in July, affected by the yen's appreciation that recorded a historical level against the greenback.

Forex Exchange Morning Report

Risk appetite holds for another day. US equity markets posted strong gains in an eye-catching follow-up to Friday's Jackson Hole rally, though with less impact on FX than might have been expected. The S&P futures' gains in Asia were extended in the cash market, SPX trading up 2.5% in late

Bernanke Underwhelms, Stocks Still Rally

U.S. Dollar Trading (US) the keenly anticipated Bernanke speech was the main event and although he did not mention QE3 the sharp sell off immediately afterward did not last. Bernanke talked up the FED having a range of tools to provide additional monetary stimulus and the stock markets ended up

Market has its own storm to weather this week

Stocks are setting up for another turbulent week that will begin with a focus, oddly enough, on the weather.

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Bernanke is Playing Poker. And Well. For Now…

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was in the camp that thought Ben Bernanke would move to full QE right away. But the facts are just such so this my take on them. From a tactical point of view (as in relative to what he may need to do later)

Japanese Consumer Price Index Rises During July

The inflation rates in Japan unexpectedly accelerated in July as the energy and food prices increased due to the massive quake that hit Japan in March 11, which caused damage in the nation's nuclear power.
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