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March 2011
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Archive for March, 2011

Risk Sentiment Continues To Stabilize Amid Fed Speak

The dollar was softer as risk sentiment continued to improve and investors searched for yield. Fed speak continued as known hawk and Kansas City Fed President Thomas Hoenig was on the wires suggesting the Fed reduces its stimulus measures. We would note that Hoenig is not an FOMC voting member

Electricity tariff to be revised for April-June

SINGAPORE Power (SP) Services announced an electricity tariff revision for the period April 1 to June 30, up 6.5 per cent on average. This comes despite an annual review of the cost of transporting electricity through the power grid which saw network charges lowered by 3 per cent for the year ahead, as the 14 per cent increase in the average fuel oil price from $99.45 to $113.37 per barrel over th... more

S-chip concerns must be addressed

LAST week's news that China Gaoxian's auditors have had difficulty verifying some of the company's accounts takes the total number of China stocks listed here - or S-chips as they are popularly known - to have reported accounting or governance issues to three so far in 2011 and 10 since 2009. This is a worrying trend, not just for the blow to the integrity of the whole S-chip segment, but also bec... more

Forex Exchange Morning Report

A number of key themes emerged on Friday generating increased divergence within FX markets. Violent protests spread throughout Syria with the death toll rising. On top of this, Portugal was downgraded for a second time by S&P. The agency warned that the country's political crisis heightened the risk that it

Investors may end first quarter with a flourish

Investors could scramble to pick up some of the market's best recent performers next week as the quarter comes to an end, putting the spotlight on energy and industrial companies.

Plosser Urges Fed Must Tighten Policy in "Not Too Distance Future"

The Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser went a bit off the reservation today, talking up the prospects that the Fed will need to reverse is extra loose monetary policy in the "not too distant future." He sees a concern that to keep the current loose monetary policy would sow the
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