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January 2011
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Archive for January, 2011

Rents for HDB flats on the rise

THE decision to buy a four-room public housing flat in Whampoa 10 years ago is now paying off for sales executive Jennifer Tan. The 35-year-old lived in it for three years and started renting it out in 2004, making $1,000 a month from it. Today, her rental income is $2,300. She and her husband, who live with her parents, said: 'The rental market is getting stronger, so I plan to hold on to the... more

Investors will open week with eyes on Egypt

U.S. stocks may struggle to return to firmer footing this week if anti-government riots in Egypt destabilize the Middle East, keeping investors on edge.

Egypt Turmoil Sparks Safe Haven Buying

Political protests in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt escalated into the end of the week, as the government called in the army to assist police and imposed a nationwide curfew. The protesters are demanding Pres. Mubarak step down and withdraw from elections in the autumn and guarantee free and fair

Dollar Mixed As Economic Data Disappoints

The U.S. dollar traded mixed today, firmer against most of the majors but weakened against the euro and kiwi. The yen crosses moved higher in the wake of Japan’s downgraded credit rating and USD/JPY was up on the day although unable to sustain a move above 83.00. USD/JPY is currently

Are emerging markets as hot as before?

JUST three weeks into 2011, the momentum enjoyed by regional markets looks like it could be reversing. Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index has lost about 2 per cent in the past fortnight while the Straits Times Index (STI) has lost the same from its early-January high. Meanwhile, liquidity - the lifeblood of all markets - has declined sharply. Yet it was only three weeks ago that experts were confidently ... more

The Stage Is Set For GBP To Take A Pound-ing

Today's U.K. Q4 preliminary GDP dropped unexpectedly to -0.5%, which is 1 full pt below the market consensus of +0.5%. Office for National Statistics (ONS) cited bad weather accounted for the drop GDP would have been 0.0% otherwise. This estimate was so far from economists' expectations that there's
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